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choose a plan that works for you

Our packages are put together specifically with you in mind. Simply choose the right one for you or let one of our agents help you. The best bit is, is that there are No Long Term Contracts. If it doesn’t work for you then simply email your account manager or 
It really is that simple.

*You need to cancel your agreement to avoid further payments being taken.

choose a plan that works for you


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  • *MONTHLY SERVICE & HOSTING FEE  From as little as £19.99 per month (exc VAT) for a minimum term of 24 months. As you may know Websites are in need of constant updates in relation to the Installation of your Website to various plugins, themes that may be used. For this reason All Websites are required to be hosted on our servers, where we are able to run regular Software Updates and Daily Backups of your Website.  This helps to prevent problems arising in the future, such as malware or security breaches which in turn will help ensure the safeguarding and smooth running of your website.

    web design manchester

    Professional Web Design Agency in Manchester offers fantastic monthly web design packages. Your new Web Design in Manchester will include the following. Your Web Design is your new Shop Window. It must look simple sleek and stylish. Its what we offer. 



    Daily backups of your professional website

    Your NEW WEBSITE DESIGN will be backed up on a daily every 30 days. Means should anything happen to your website we can quickly get a back up asap.


    mobile responsive website designs

    Your Affordable Web Design will work fantastically well on Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone. We know over 50% of users often search on Mobiles and Tablets


    fully managed website

    To put it simply, we do all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. All websites are managed in house, if you need any changes or amendments simply pop us an email and we will get right onto it.



    99.9% uptime guarantee, Free Regular Backups, Free SSL Certificate and regular virus scans to make sure your GREAT WEBSITE DESIGN is kept online.


    Web design agency manchester

    Your Professional Website Design will be built managed and supported from our headquarters in Manchester. No overseas call centres



    Your very own Dedicated Account Manager on hand to offer you help and support along the way.


    domain with every website package

    Your NEW WEBSITE DESIGN will include a FREE DOMAIN for a full 2 years  Just one less thing for you to worry about.  



    Your PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN will be hosted on robust platforms that focus on speed, security, stability and scalability.

    Get your Business found online?

    You are the business owner, you make the decisions, Surface Web Media will make your vision a reality. If you are still unsure, contact us now and speak with an advisor.
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    Frequently asked questions

    We have compiled a list of the most popular FAQ for our potential Customers. If you have a query that is not answered on this page then please get in touch. We are here to help.

    What is the difference between SEO & Google Ads?

    SEO is a waiting game, and involves a heavy investment into your website, if done correctly it can bring you more organic traffic, but you will pay with both time and money getting it right. Google Ads is a faster way to bring targeted traffic to your business, far faster than SEO.

    I have had a bad experience?

    In all honesty the majority of our clients have been bitten before. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible customer service and laying all our cards on the table. We set realistic expectations and if there is anything we cannot do, we will inform you of it. Our reviews are also a testament to our hard working and honest team.

    Is it just a 30 day agreement

    To explain it simply, this is a 30 day subscription service, if you cancel within the first 30 days, it will not roll over into the second month and a second payment will not be taken. If we do not receive a cancellation we will assume you are happy and your campaign along with your payment will roll over into the second month. NB: After the first 30 days, to cancel, you must give 30 days notice, in that time another payment may be taken.


    Do i get reports? if so when?

    Yes of course, we pride ourselves on amazing results and who better to share them with than you. Reports are sent automatically every 30 days of your campaign.

    Another payment has been taken & i dont know why?

    All of our advertising campaigns run on a subscription service, if another payment has been taken it is because we have not received a cancellation from you.

    will my agreement automatically roll over Automatically?

    In a nutshell yes, we inform you when your advert goes live, if you do not want to continue into the second month all you need to do is send a cancellation email to your account manager, without a written cancellation the subscription will roll over.

    Are you google certified

    Of course, Our Google technicians are all fully certified in Search Campaigns, Video & Display Advertising and Google Analytics.

    Why should I use Google Ads?

    I tried and it didnt work – Usually when we hear this, it is because you do not have the appropriate knowledge or you have used a non reputable company to run your ads for you. At Surface Web Media we are all certified Google Ads specialists, our expertise will allow us to make the worlds Largest Search Engines work for you.

    Do i have to give you my debit card details over the phone?

    No Of course not and be wary of any one that asks you to do this! All payments are made through our website, we will ask you to input your details onto our website. but we will never take any payment detaisl from you.

    where will my ad appear

    The first page of Google Of course! we cannot gurantee a fixed position on the first page of Google unless you are willing to invest more. Dependant on your sector and location, you will serve on the top half of the first page for 60% of the time and on the bottom half for 40% of the time.

    do you guarantee business?

    In all honesty, nobody can ever guarantee you business, what we can ensure is visibility on the First Page of Google and then it is up to you to work your magic and convert those enquiries into paying customers.

    Why can I not see my advert?

    There are many reasons why this can happen, 1: your budget may have run out for the day (with the fee you have paid, we spread this across the 30 days, once your budget for the day runs out, your advert also drops off the first page, at this stage we woudl speak with you to consider a higher advertising budget. 2: You have been blocked by Google – if Google find that you have been searching for yourself often but then you are not clicking on your advert, they will simply stop showing you the advert because they think it is not something you are interested in. A solution to this would be, whenever you would like to see your advert and how it appears, simply email your account manager and he/she will send you screenshots of exactly how you are appearing.

    Can I not just do it myself?

    The long and short of it is yes, but, to run a successful campaign takes a lot of investment in time and learning, you could use this time working on your business and let us take care of the advertising.

    Can i cancel at any time

    Yes ofcourse, just send an email to your account manager or to Please bear in mind that for any cancellations past the first month, we require 30 days notice and in that time another payment may be taken.


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    Why is my contact number not showing up with my advert?

    Your contact number or a click to call button would only show up alongside your advert if a mobile device is being used to search (any thing that can make outgoing calls eg mobile phones & tablets) you will find that when a search is carried out from computer or laptop, your contact number will not appear.

    google adwords benefits

    Your business will appear on the LARGEST Search Engine in the world GOOGLE for the duration of your campaign.

    monthly performance reports

    Our reports are automated and are sent to you via email every 30 days of your campaign. If there is anything you need in the meantime you can always contact your account manager directly.

    google mobile

    One thing you will be aware of is how heavily mobile phones are relied on. We enusre that your adverts are optimised to perform and convert visitors through mobile searches.


    Your local keyphrase

    You will receive anything between 3-5 local keyphrases depending on the package you have chosen. This means you are targeting people specifically in your area who are interested in the product/service you offer.

    google ad extensions

    This feature allows us to add additional information alongside your advert like a call button, a text message option or even a special offer.


    google search partners

    We will ensure your adverts also appear on Google Search partners such as AOL, Bing, as Google Maps, YouTube and 1000s of other directory listing in turn giving your advert more exposure and reaching more pottential clients.

    Google Site Links

    The sitelinks ad extension shows links to specific pages on your website beneath the text of your ads. Sitelinks appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results.

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